Wednesday, December 22, 2010

En Passant

En Passant!!!!!!My new favourite

This story is very original ..About chess...
and the first time to have such a negative main character ..
That is where it becomes so interesting ..
Totally hooked ... because of the negative king -kujou shin ...
HE always thinking of suicide ...And very negative in his own way ..
One spoken word ..He will make a flow chart until suicide at the end ...XD

Despite of he is so negative he is still the white king of the chess and
having a special ability ...and consider himself as monster

BTW..The other characters are pretty funny and cool as well
REMEMBER TO READ IT .. I will post more when I were free
Though I say that so many times...I almost never update...XD

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hokenshitsu No Shinigami

A new addiction of manga!!!! HOKENSHITSU NO SHINIGAMI!!!

The story is about-
Hadesu Sensei is no ordinary middle school nurse. In fact, many students believe he is a shinigami. His excessive friendliness and eagerness to win his students' affection does little to offset his terrifying appearance. But, fortunately for this middle school, Hadesu Sensei is an expert at extracting "byouma", demons of disease, from possessed students!

The Following Person is the main character Hadesu-sensei ....
He looks scary but he is a child in his heart ..
He loves to be with the children, but because of his scary face many children scared of him ..
However , I love his face so much , it is not scary at all but quite cool .

Cool isnt it Hadesu-sensei

Well I just post this much for today.
Will update more about it other days ..XD
well it might too a long time ..
Anyway, this is not a horror manga .. Actually it is a comedy.
Is freaking funny.
You all should try it

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Saiyuki reload Blast 5.5 Ura 1

This omake is super brilliant ...the line ...the plot ..the drawing .....
all is so damn best .. love it so much .. once again Fall in love with Kazuya-sensei work ..
love her so much ...

First, sanzo and goku fall down the cliff... They said is Sanzo's fault of being weak ...XD

And then Goku and sanzo switch the body ... OMG ..Sanzo's expression is so cute
and The way hakkai say about this incident is super funny ...

And then goku in sanzo's body complaining how weak sanzo's body is ....
Get smack by the sanzo in goku body ...hahahahahha
AND then the stupid goyjo who doesnt know how to read the situation ... blah out some stupid statement and make sanzo even angry ... and hit him in with goku's body full strength ... IT MUST BE REALLY HURT ..since goku is so damn strong ...
ARGH!!! Goku is scary [because of sanzo]

This is more brilliant ... to help them switch back again ... Hakkai push them down the cliff again ...XD -hakkai u are damn evil- ...but Hakkai also get pull down by goyjo .... Hakkai you should change ur costume already ..what is the use of those long clothes ?????
And then goku and goyjo switch the body ... XD their expression is so cute ...
how about hakkai and sanzo ...... Let see the last panel ... Omg hakkai is pissed off?????? what happen .... that because of sanzo again ....XD but hakkai actually look good on that expressi

And Here some the MOST BRILLIANT WORK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-what the hell expression are you making with my face-
and then goyjo suggest something good ... " I want to see people's reaction on Sanzo like this"
And this statement make sanzo anger boil !!!!!!!!!!

Finally...................... Sanzo burst out !!!!!!!!!!!!!
and he make HAKKAI look so coool ....damn it Now i fall for hakkai already ...but still the one I love is SANZO ...hahahahahaha
and sanzo's expression like that .. I really cant stand it ..... hahahahahahhaha

This is the most brilliant work i ever read .... LOVE IT SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I going to print all the pages out ... XD

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Recently....No, it should be 2 days ago, I start reading BAKUMAN!!!!!
It is not a bad manga... is quite good .. From the manga I learn something being a mangaka .. and also how does JUMP work ...XD not bad ...
Being a mangaka sure is a hard workload ... XD and to be serialized ...

The manga main on the youngsters who going to be a mangaka ...and in the manga is all about those newbie mangaka .. and some genius ... of course ..they have most hope on the main character .. Mashiro Moritaka[Saiko] and Akito Takagi[Shujin] .... and their pen name is Ashirogi Muto ....
Bakuman Pictures, Images and Photos
They look good right... especially Takagi, the one with specs ... XD But too bad he is married...just in 19 years old .. hahahahaha

Well ..Takagi is good thinker and Mashiro is good artist ... They are good at first and at the middle part .... FUCK IT ... I am so irritated ..that they change their editor from Hottori Akira one STUPID FATASS Miura .. who want his mangaka to did GAG manga ..which is not Takagi style .. .Fuck it .... and then when Mashiro is hospitalized .. the chief editor want then to put on hiatus when they just serialized ... then it make their series to be cancelled .. FUCK IT ..
I just hate the stupid editor so much ... and they soft heart .. after seeing how hard that miura did for them ... but well .. i not really into them ...

The one i root for is FUKUDA ... hahaha HE is kind of hot-temper ... XD but I just like him .. say whatever in his mind ...and kind of like his look ..and he is kind enough ... he always help out other ... Just like he help Aoki ko when she is in trouble .. I hope they will be a couple soon ..XD

And another thing i found is ..all the mangaka is WEIRD!!!!!! and the most weird 1 .. is those they call GENIUS .. so if u found urslef very weird .. u will be a genius of mangaka .. .hahaha
the most WEIRD to me is .. Hiramaru ... and follow by Niizuma Eiji ..hahahaha ...

Well Lastly I do like to praise the mangaka of Bakuman for doing a good job .. since it can make the reader feel irritated with the story ..when the main character isnt do well ..and one more thing .. the manga have a lot of word .. so i kind tired when reading it ..and skip most of the line .. hahahhaa

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Recent favourite anime .. a NEW anime .. now just 7 episode .... XD
Well it still confused me ..the story ... but I just like it ..
because of the violence in the anime ...hahaha

Mikado Ryƫgamine is a young man who longs for the exciting life of the big city. At the invitation of his childhood friend Masaomi, he transfers to a school in Ikebukuro. Masaomi warns him about people he doesn't want to cross in the city: a violent man dressed like a bartender, an information merchant, and a mysterious gang called "Dollars". And to top it off, Mikado witnesses an urban legend on his first day in the city: the "Black Rider".

1st talk about my favourite character >>>>>>
he is consider as one of the people that you dont want to make as an enemy ....
and the strongest in Ikebukuro[ the setting]

HE always wear sunglasses and a bartender's suit[it looks good on he ]. Although quiet and nondescript while not angered, he has a very short fuse [short tempered] and fights with incredible strength [superhuman strength... he can break of the electric pole]. His power is described as the naturally unlimited form of human strength and likened to "adrenaline power" that can give people superhuman strength in times of emergency.

He works as a debt collector in Ikebukuro and carries intense animosity towards Izaya. He has a younger brother, Kasuka, who is a top idol under the showbiz name of Hanejima Yuuhei. He is also a long-time acquaintance of Celty.

His first and last name translates literally into "serene man" and "peaceful island" respectively but he is not peaceful at all ..haha he is violence.. but he hate violence.....
The reason make him so piss off is IZAYA ORIHARA ... They are classmate at middle school ..and seem like Izaya push his crime on Shizuo ... They hate each other too much ... and Izaya always call him Shizu-chan .. make him more pissed off...and yell this
LASTLY the most incredible thing is .....That his sound actor ... is the same as SEBASTIAN from Kuroshitsuji........

Then 2nd talk about the Black rider in the synopsis ...
The black rider is a headless girl name Celty Sturluson also known as "The Headless Rider", she is a Dullahan from Ireland who came to Japan looking for her stolen head. Her motorcycle is actually a horse in disguise. She has no heart and perceives via unknown sensors that are not located on the head. The physical strength she possesses is above human, though not quite on par with Shizuo Heiwajima. She is also capable of manipulating a shadow-like, durable substance to form objects ranging from gloves to chariots at her will.
Celty lives with Shinra Kishitani and works as an underground porter. She wears a helmet when she goes out and communicates via a PDA. She enjoys online chatting, television and DVDs.

Lastly about Dollars .. the mystery GANG
well the number of members is unknown .. but in the anime they show 4 of the members ... and 2 of them is otaku .. same as me ..XD and they force those bad ass to confess by using manga as their option ..they let the bad ass choose a manga and then torture them by what the manga has .. and there are some manga come out ..hahha like Darker than black , Kuroshitsuji and other ..XD
Darker Than Black Pictures, Images and Photos
and in the manga the bad ass choose kuroshitsuji ...then they take out a needle ..try to make his eye looks like Ciel's right eye... hahha

Friday, January 29, 2010

BLAST 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW ...REALLY BLAST !!!!!!!!!!!!
now I am glad that I am chinese and know chinese ...XD
because of that I no need to wait for the english translation for so long ..and so slow ..
chinese is faster .. .XD

Chapter 2 of BLAST !!!!! I love it !!!!!!!
FRONT PAGE !!! GOJYO!!!!!!!! XD [well I not really fond at him]

Then the best part of the manga!!!!

GOKU and GOJYO .. got scare by a crazy woman ...XD
and ...
OMG ..... last time I said .. the longer the hair ..the more handsome SANZO get ..and now he CUT it ??!!!! Well ..that DOESN'T matter .. because SANZO IS STILL SO HANDSOME ...XD

IS THIS PART ..SO FUNNY !!!!!!! GOJYO get angry at SANZO because SANZO sleep at the bed ..and GOJYO ask:"WHO THE HELL YOU THINK YOU ARE !!!"
then SANZO coldly answer :" SANZO-SAMA"
hahaha..isnt it very funny??

GOKU's hair is longer too ..but he going to get cut by hakkai again ..XD

END FOR THE THIS CHAPTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I WANT THE NEXT TO OUT FASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hahaha .. I make this post is because .. It been such a long time I dint post anything ..
and now I want to share something super funny with you guys ...
you guys should go read this manga Beelzebub ..... SO DAMN CRAZY ..haha
especially at the recent chapter ...

1st .. Baby Beel become bigger .. XD ..
2nd .. OGA ordering baby beel to ATTACK!!!!! ..XD Oga is so damn crazy riding on baby beel's head
3rd ... Baby Beel Win ..XD Bwaahhaha .. I just cant stop laughing ..what the heck is the fight ..
4th .. is that stupid Furuichi... hahaha .. his action is totally stupid .. but he has luck .. I guess this is maybe the god love idiots ..XD

This manga sure is FANTASTIC ... haha ..remember to read it ..
oh and before is forget .. this is from the before .. that is what I love very much in this manga ..

Thursday, January 14, 2010


YEAH!!!!!!!! Finally there is an update for all the manga chapter ..

1st is .. SAIYUKI RELOAD BLAST CHAPTER 1 .. english translate .. I FINALLY understand what they are talking about ..XD

2nd .... SAIYUKI IBUN CHAPTER 3 RAW...I FINALLY get to continue the story .. but too bad I dont understand a thing from raw .. hope the translation come out faster ..

3rd ... ONE PIECE CHAPTER 570.. FINALLY reach the super climax ..
whitebeard order his man to protect luffy .. because of his power man .
and next chapter!!!!!!!!!!! LUFFY versus GARP!!!!!!!!!! I CANT WAIT FOR IT

4th .. BLEACH CHAPTER 388... FINALLY ..... I can read it ...
well i dont like the fact that Ichigo is going to fight with Aizen ..
but i like the last page of this chapter ...

OMG!!! so cool ... wait .. where is ukitake .. oh .. he is injured by that fucking wonderwise ..
then where is Hiyori??? oh .. she is injured too .. and why is Omaeda there ??? that stupid .. useless fatty ...XD .. he should be the one injured .. not Hisagi or Kira ..haizz

5th ....SOUL EATER CHAPTER 69...FINALLY one month have pass ..XD
this chapter MEDUSA versus JUSTIN!!!!! battle start ..
but the battle stop half way .. interrupt by the BEARMAN and the MONKEY [one of the death scythe] ... I think that bearman is pretty strong ..I want see the real fight soon ..
and KID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the last part of the chapter ..... omg he is so damn funny ..XD
he say that he wont ask for help .. but at the end .. he shout it .. because he cant stand it ..

6th ... FAIRY TAIL 166 ... FINALLY I saw GILDARTS's face ..XD
a bit disappointing ..that he fail the 100 years quest .. XD
and the about the black dragon .... I guess NATSU is going to trace that dragon down ...
go for it NATSU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7th lastly ... FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST CHAPTER 103 ....
What is SCAR's plan??? Calling all the his man ...maybe is what they discover from his brother's note ... and SCAR's hands .. destruction and reconstruction??? OMG so cool ..

YEAH!!!!!!!!!! This weeek sure is the best week.. XD
and also I start my work .. so damn tiring ...

and for your information .. I going to make a post about BLEACH - ZANPAKTOU ARC ... next week.. after the arc end .. please look forward for it ..XD

Monday, January 11, 2010

GetBackers^ 2nd part

We yesterday say till the 2nd and 3rd favourite characters ...XD
which is Akabane Kurodo ... actually before watching and reading it .... I already fall for he .. XD
he just look too cool ...or maybe because the person who draw the picture .. is too great ..

I wish I am the one who draw this ..XD from the picture above .. he dint look scary or evil ..
so gentle look on his face ... at first I thought he is a good guy ..XD but after watching it ...
he is a sick guy...sick on his mind ..who just enjoy killing[this what I fall for him.. maybe I am the one who sick on his mind] .. XD but that make me fall for him more .. but not more that Ban-chan [since he is the strongest]

Then the 3rd 1 .. Kazuki ... first I doubt about his gender .. I thought he was a girl .. well everyone think so ... XD then when he talk .. he sound like a guy I confused .. at the end .. he is a guy .. haha..
Look like a girl right ???? A perfect lady look .. XD ..
Nothing to talk about him anymore .. I just like the fact that he look like a girl .. XD

NeXT .. there are some pairing that I love a lot ... not like coupling that kind ... I not into those love love situation ...XD

Well the best pairing .. goes to AKABANE KURODO and AMANO GINJI ..
when these two together .. I really cant stop laughing ... since Ginji is so cute and scare of Akabane..and Akabane show a great interest at Ginji ...

Then the 2nd goes to Kazuki and Juubei .... hmm their pairing is a bit BL .. what I like is not the BL scene between them .. is how the other especially Ban-chan talking about their relation ..XD the real relation between them .... they are childhood friends ...XD

the 3rd???? hmm .. well i dont know who going to pair with Ban-chan ..since whoever he be with .. they become the best ..XD like when he with Shidou ... Ginji .. Himiko ..Hevn ... and more more more ..XD

That all for today ...and for GetBackers ..
If I think of something new .. I will update again ..XD
See ya .. Have a nice day ^^

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Current anime obsession goes to GetBackers ..XD

Here the synopsis for those who interested ..

Mido Ban and Amano Ginji are known as the Get Backers, retrievers with a success rate of 100%. Whatever is lost or stolen, they can definitely get it back. Despite their powerful abilities and enthusiastic behavior, Ban and Ginji are terminally broke no matter what they do simply because little people would actually desire to hire them. As a result, the pair of them tend to do dangerous jobs, often leading to unwanted re-encounters with their old (and dangerous) friends. Based on the manga by Yuya Aoki and Rando Ayamine

End of synopsis .. now is my turn to write the review ...XD

Well I should start with the main character.... XD
1st the GetBackers .. Mido Ban and Amano Ginji
These 2 are really cute and funny ... and I like Ban the best ..especially when he is in the look above .. hahaha his special ability is Evil Eyes and Snake Bite.. well it seem like he is the strongest in the anime .. but until now .. I haven't see his TRUE STRENGTH yet ... because he always fooling around when fighting ...

Then for Ginji ... he is a bit slow ..and so optimistic... always calling BAN-CHAN ...
but I doesn't like he that much .. always stick around with ban ..and he use to be the Ruler of Mugenjou[ a lawless place] and so call THE LIGHTNING EMPEROR ... his ability is control electric...

Besides of these two .. .there is other characters that I like a lot .. which is


tired now ...

Saiyuki Reload Blast

New Series of my FAVOURITE manga ...

After waiting for so long ... It finally out ..
and my SANZO is still as handsome as always ..XD

Really Do Love Him A Lot!!!!!

and I found out something from this series ...
Sanzo's hair become longer ..XD

and the longer the hair ... sanzo is more handsome ..XD
Love his hair now .. hahaha ...

Can't wait any longer ..XD